Pastor Tim's Message

Pastor Tim's September Message

September means Labor Day and the beginning of the new school year.  At Emmanuel it also signals Rally Day, the beginning of the new Sunday School year.  Sunday School attendance is expected to grow this year so we planning for another class. 
The adults will be studying the great book of Romans, which clearly details God's work of salvation.  Rev. Dr. Norm Lund will be our teacher.  On Wednesdays we will be studying the Gospel of Matthew.  Matthew was  a tax collector, called by Jesus to follow Him and then used by God to write the Gospel which illuminates the transition from the Old Testament to the new work of God in Christ in the New Testament.
On Labor Day Sunday I preached on the Biblical principles for Labor.  The basis for these principles is in Genesis 2 where God takes the man He has created and puts him in the garden and instructs him to work and care for the garden.  The fundamental principle taught here is that God's purpose for our lives (beyond loving Him and glorifying Him) is fulfilled in the labor that we do. 
This labor is the vocational work we do over our life span which provides food for our mouths, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads.  But labor is not limited to vocation.  The labor we do to serve our families, neighbors, friends, country and God also fulfills God's plan for our lives.


Pastor Tim's June 2014 Message

June eighth is Pentecost Sunday, one of the three major festivals of the Church.  It marks the beginning or the birth of the Church, the Body of Christ's Believers, who were united with Christ at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
The book of Ezra describes a time in the history of God's people when they were called from their exile in Babylon to "return" to the Promised Land.  Being in the place God wanted them to be symbolized their new and right relationship with God. 
Once there they began the work to "rebuild" the structures of the Promised Land, namely the Altar and Temple for worship and the city walls for protection.  These actions symbolize the work of the Holy Spirit who helps us rebuild the structures of our life together and of our nation.  We think first of the institution of marriage and of the family, then of the organized Church.  The role of marriage and family is basic to a healthy and whole life. 


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