Pastor Tim's Message

Pastor Tim's Easter Message

Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!
 When I was a teen I remember being resentful toward a fellow student because he was good looking, athletic, smart and popular, all the characteristics I wanted but felt I possessed only in meager a measure.  Whenever our paths crossed I changed direction, I wanted nothing to do with him.  Now understand, he had done nothing wrong to me, what was wrong was something inside of me.  Part of who I was/am was warped by the power of sin.  I was the resentful one.
 One day those feelings began to change.  We were at school when this fellow went out of his way to speak to me.  He was polite and even pleasant.  Later, without prompting, he did something kind for me.  Then, when we again crossed paths, he smiled and gave me a wave. 


Pastor Tim's Lenten Message

This is the season of Lent, and Lent is a time to observe Spiritual Disciplines which by their practice make us more sensitive to the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit. Hear are some disciplines you may be practicing or you may begin to practice:
Observe the Sabbath in worship
Spend time in prayer each day
Read a chapter of the Bible each day
Join a Bible study
Keep a daily Gratitude Journal
Thank God every morning when you get up and again when you go to bed.
Say Grace at meals
Offer bed time prayers
Pray the Lord’s Prayer daily.
Spend a few minutes in silence listening to the Lord each day
Notice and enjoy the beauty of nature
Volunteer in your church or community
Give gifts to a worthy ministry
May you exercise your spiritual life by ardently fulfilling a spiritual discipline this season. May you experience the nearness of the Lord through your practice!

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